WIPO Free Online Certificate Course on Intellectual Property


SUMMARY: This course covers the main areas of intellectual property, namely copyright, related rights, patents, trademarks, geographical indications, industrial design, plant breeders’ rights, unfair competition and international registration systems.

DURATION: 50 hours

COST: Free of charge

Next session

Registration Course Exam
01-jul-2012 – 15-sep-2012 01-oct-2012 – 18-nov-2012 16-nov-2012 – 17-nov-2012

To enroll for the course, follow the link below-http://www.wipo.int/academy/en/courses/rp_catalog/

Author: Vivek Kumar Verma

Investment Banking Lawyer | Photographer & Blogger | Connoisseur of Food | Poet

55 thoughts on “WIPO Free Online Certificate Course on Intellectual Property”

  1. u wont get a certificate for this course…i completed this in nov..still havent recieved my certificate..now they have even stopped replying to my emails asking for it.

    1. They always send certificates. There is no one in my college who has not received it. However, they send it a bit late though. With you, I think, there must be some postal dispatch issue…

      1. how to register for WIPO patent exam????plzz help me out by sending the link as m not getting it…:-)

      2. I think except for the Course DL101 none of the courses are free on WIPO website. So, just see the payment requirement and registration procedure carefully. You will find it on the website itself under hat course heading.

  2. there was a RTI course too by the Government. I registered for it long back but have got no reply as yet…. cn you please tell if anyone has done the course n how they got thru?? thanku….

  3. Thank you, Sakshi for your query.
    I had also enrolled for this course along with some of my friends. They all got the course material online, pursued it and even took the test too.
    I think, their mail might have gone to your spam or possibly some mistake might have crept in. You can retry registering for the course the next time it is offered. Just keep a tab and re-apply.

  4. Dear Sir,
    I have a little trouble to get the WIPO certificate.
    2.choose the DL-101
    3.Click “Enroll Now.”
    4.Log in pop-up
    5.Click Red Letter “DL-101 General Course on Intellectual Property [DL101E12S2]”
    and then this page is not continuous to next page.Click again and again “DL-101 General Course on Intellectual Property [DL101E12S2]” but this page is nothing changes.
    I want to approve Register date – 1.7.2012 ~15.7.2012 this is same enroll (Yes/No)
    Exam date – 16.11.2012 ~ 17.11.2012 during this two day is time to examination time
    So, Please answer to me .
    Thanks and Regards

  5. I am interested in this course.. is the enrolment option still open? do we have to appear in person for the exams or is it online exam?

  6. Piease tell me when will start the next registration for free online certificate course on IP after 1 jul – sep 2012

  7. Thanks for sharing 🙂 guess I have to wait for the next session of this course, now that the registration is closed

  8. How the exam will be conducted ? should I go to any exam centre ? or in home PC itself ? how about marks and grading ?

    1. Dear Siva

      You don’t need to go anywhere. You can take the test (objective) from your own personal room. You are given three days time and you can take the exam at any time in that period. However, once you start the test, you will have to complete it within the prescribed time of 2 hours. Based on your performance, you will be given marks and grading right after the completion of the test. The certificate of the same will reach to you later on after 1-2 months.

      Hope, this answers your query.


  9. Boss I registered myself in 2011 and I don’t know how I can attend that exam. Is there any other procedure to get that exam It’s difficult to get information. Why there is fix date for registration , I already registered myself , Am I supposed to register again .They even don’t send any mail when to register, when to attend exam.

  10. I attempted for the course & have passed out. In how much time will I get my certificate for DL-101 WIPO course? Will they send it by post to my mailing address provided earlier at registration time????? Plz rplyyyy.. 🙂

    1. Dear Pia

      You will get the certificate within 1-2 months of taking the exam or latest in 3 months through post. The same address which you used earlier for registration will be used for the communication, if you do not make request for any change in the address.



      1. Is it possible to change the mailing address..if yes then plz provide me with the procedure for the same.. Thanx:-)

      2. Please try to find this out on your own because I do not have any existing account on WIPO DL 101 course. I had taken this test quite a long time back. You will find the relevant link inside somewhere on the website itself.

  11. I’m enrolled but after re-logging I don’t have access to the course. I created two accounts and it’s the same problem. I cant log in cause I have to register but at the same time I’m already registered 😦

    1. Dear Rajdip

      If you think, this would be useful for you, you can. Since, the first edition of this course has already started, you can enroll the next time we offer it.


  12. Vivek Sir I complete PCT DL 101 Certificate course from wipo and File 01 patent at mumbai and published patent.

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