Internship Opportunity at The Law Commission of India

The Law Commission of India

The Law Commission of India provides opportunities by holding Summer (May-June)/ Winter (November-December) Voluntary Internship Programme. The Programme is open for students pursuing studies in Law from recognized Colleges/Law Schools/Universities in India.

OFFICE: New Delhi

DURATION: 4-6 Weeks



  • The interested law students pursuing studies (2nd and 3rd year of three-year and 3rd to 5th year of five-year law degree course only) at any recognized College/Law School/University may send their applications in the enclosed format by 15th April (in case of Summer programme) and by 15th October (in case of Winter programme).
  • These applications may be sent either by post/courier or by hand to reach the Office of the Law Commission, 2nd Floor, ILI Building, Bhagwan Das Road, New Delhi- 110 001. The delivery by hand should be given to Jt. Secretary of Law Commission.
  • Maximum number of slots to be  offered to these students shall not ordinarily exceed five at any point of time.
  • The students will have to produce a recommendation/no-objection letter from their Director or Head of Department, after receiving intimation from this office.
  • Interns will be required to present a research paper/ report on a selected topic at the end of their study to the concerned officer for evaluation and suggestions, if any by the Commission.
  • A certificate will be issued to the Intern at the end of her/his internship after evaluation of the research paper or assessment of the work done.

For further details, please visit the internship page link given below-

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