Internship at Delhi State Legal Services Authority

Delhi State Legal Services Authority has introduced Summer & Winter Internship  to give law students an insight into the legal aid mechanism and various legal  literacy programmes and schemes framed for “Access to Justice for All”. It is one  of its kind initiative to build the capacity of Delhi State Legal Services Authority  and interns by providing them an opportunity to gain practical experience in the  legal aid field. Internship programme is a unique platform for law students to put
their legal knowledge, skills and experience into practices and take initiatives to reach out benefits of legal aid programmes to weaker sections of the society. Internship programme will be instrumental in brining in directional changes in the implementation of various schemes and legal aid programmes. The knowledge and experience of grass root realities, gained at the initial stage of academic pursuit, will be valuable in their professional career.

PERIOD: Interns will be required to undergo minimum three weeks internship with Delhi State Legal Services Authority in June/July respectively.

Interns should be undergraduates or students studying in law schools, social sciences and other related courses. Interns must be interested to work in legal aid field and eager to learn and work for legal aid.

Interested students can submit the internship application on the prescribed proforma available on our website on or before 26th April, 2012 by 4:30 PM.

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One thought on “Internship at Delhi State Legal Services Authority”

  1. A handsome stipend will also be provided by State legal Aid fund! In 2009 it was Rs. 1500, last time it was Rs. 1800 hope this time it should be Rs. 2000. Interesting part is that this internship also includes one week Tihar Jail visit as a part of Prison advocacy mission.

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