Internship Opportunity at PILSARC


Public Interest Legal Support and Research Centre (PILSARC) was formally established in 1987 following the suggestions made in two reports of the Government of India and the Ford Foundation in 1982. Following its registration as a trust in Cochin in 1987, PILSARC opened its New Delhi office in September 1988.

Today PILSARC is recognized as a public interest law firm to be selectively used by persons working around issues of social justice, nongovernmental organisations, human rights institutions and others. It is also  a legal Implementing Partner of the Indian mission of
the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Know more…

NOTE: Internship program at PILSARC is closed till 31st August 2012. You can make apply for an internship here only for a period after 31st August 2012.

HOW TO CONTACT: For any communication please email PILSARC at Also note that they do not entertain phone calls regarding internships. The internship in-charge generally reply within a week’s time.

Link to internship page-

Author: Vivek Kumar Verma

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