Internship at : Directorate General of Foreign Trade

Students in the final year of their graduation ( 4th & 5th years, in the case of Law graduates of Five year stream) with consistent excellent academic records/ fresh graduates with excellent academic records and possessing first class degree/students possessing first class graduation degree pursuing Post Graduation/ high second class post-graduation degree (with at least 55% marks) pursuing Research courses in Economics/ Finance / Management/ Law at National Schools of Economics / Law/ Central Universities/ AICTE recognized Financial/ Economic Institutions/ Recognized National Management Institutes/ Foreign Universities and Institutions of excellence can apply for internship. The Scheme is open to only Indian Nationals residing in India or pursuing their studies abroad.

Duration: The duration of the internship will be for maximum period 2 Months.

Mode of Application: Interested students can send their applications, along with their CVs, in the enclosed format to the Joint DGFT (O&M) at Directorate General of Foreign Trade, R.No.103, Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi – 110 011. Email: The candidate will be required to produce a permission letter from their Supervisor / Head of Department, in case he/she is interested to join internship during his/her course-work. The applications can be made at any point of time, there is no deadline.

Paid interns may be paid a consolidated token remuneration of Rs.10, 000 per month. Apart from this, there will be no other remuneration or payment. It is clarified that this is not salary. The interns are not employees of DGFT and there will be no assurance of any future employment with DGFT.

For more information and registration form visit :

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  1. Its nice place to be at DGFT….Awesome experience and learning….please keep in mind to send your application prior to month in which you want to do internship and also follow-up.

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