Internship at Brain League IP Services

Internship Program is a part of our endeavor towards educating students and professionals on practice aspects of intellectual property and skills relating to marketing/sales. The program is aimed at teaching intellectual property skills to students and professionals having legal or technical background. The tenure of internship is generally four (4) to six (6) weeks.

Person seeking an Internship Program at Brain League must

be a student of Law, Science or Technology; or a Legal or Patent professional; and

have completed a taught course in intellectual Property (IP).

How to apply?
You may apply for the Internship Program by filling the online application form

Please note that your Internship Program application will not be considered if all details in the application form are not provided. On receiving your application form, our internship co-ordinator will contact you if you are selected for the Internship Program.

Contact Information

Please contact the Internship Program co-ordinator for any queries.

internship Co-ordinator: Mr. Kumar Anjani
Email address:
Contact number: 91-80-41489502 (Extension: 235)

For More Information Visit website :


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