Internship Opportunity at India Juris


India Juris traces its history from 1976 onward when its senior and founding member started Corporate & Commercial, Litigation and Tax legal practice. It is a full service international law firm with special expertise in Business, Corporate, Litigation, Arbitration and Intellectual Property Laws. The firm deals in most of the business sectors.

OFFICES (INDIA): Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai


PERIOD OF INTERNSHIP: 1 month (minimum) and 6 months (maximum)


Go to the following link and fill up the online form available there.

NOTE: Surprisingly, they do not ask for any CV in that online form. Therefore, we suggest you to also send one application to the individual office you want to intern at and one at their New Delhi Office along with your CV and a Cover Letter and follow their instructions. The email ids for the individual offices is given below-


Author: Vivek Kumar Verma

Investment Banking Lawyer | Photographer & Blogger | Connoisseur of Food | Poet

2 thoughts on “Internship Opportunity at India Juris”

  1. vivek sir!.. i have decided to apply for internship in a few law firms… i have prepared diff. cover letters for every firm.. each tailor made for a particular firm.. But!…. every covering letter is addressed as “Respected Sir/Madam,”…!!!!!… I do not understand whom to address them.. sonce today is saturday.. i will call each firm and ask about the same (whom to address) on monday.. Now my ques. is : Should I do that..??… is i annoying to ask this..?.. or should i just mail them as they are (resp. sir/mam)…??

    1. You can address them as-

      Dear Sir/Ma’am (if you don’t know the person’s gender)

      Secondly, never call them like that. In fact, some of the firms actually asks internship applicants not to follow up through phone calls. However, you can consider calling them up when you have 1. sent an application, 2. sent two or three follow-up emails asking the status of your application, and still they have not responded yet.
      So, never commit the mistake of making (pestering) phone calls.

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