Internship opportunities at Maheshwari & Co.


Maheshwari & Co. is a full service law firm committed to provide innovative legal solutions to its domestic as well as international clients. MAHESHWARI & CO. comprises of twenty Lawyers including four partners specializing in different arena of laws located at various offices at Delhi and are vowed to maintain highest levels of quality of services and reliability. Read more

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Maheshwari & Co. has had significant practice in providing rich internship experiences and considers the mentoring and education of students as part of its core mission. Maheshwari & Co. has openings for two interns every month, for a period of four(4) weeks at all times. Students who have completed at least two years of the 5 year Law programme, students of 2nd and 3rd year of LL.B programme, LL.M students and International students are eligible to be selected as interns at Maheshwari & Co.


To be eligible for Internship Program, interested persons are required to send their resumes and a covering letter to the firm or can send emails at Please apply between 45 to 30 days in advance from the date of commencement of internship.

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