National Workshop on Freedom of Information: Call for Papers

THEME: National Workshop on Freedom of Information: Challenges and Solutions

WHEN: 6th April, 2013

WHERE: NLU, DELHI, Sector 14 Dwarka New Delhi

ORGANISER: NLU Delhi in collaboration with CIC Govt. of India & NCPRI


A democratic government must be an accountable and transparent government. Openness promotes accountability which has been considered as another attribute of a democratic government. Well informed and vigilant public is the ultimate check on maladministration and administrative corruption. In order to strengthen the core constitutional values of Indian democratic republic, the Right to Information Act, 2005 (the Act) has been enacted. The workshop seeks to discuss the same.

The workshop shall provide a platform to various stakeholders and address topical matters for freedom of information.


This Workshop would deliberate on the following sub-themes:

1. Amplitude of the freedom of information endeavours
2. Role of the Public authority and Public Information officers in promoting the scheme.
3. Analysis of exemptions under the provisions of the Act
4. Empowerment of the Central and State Information Commission
5. Reforms related to functioning of the RTI Scheme.
6. Protections to RTI Applicant.
7. Expansion of RTI scheme to Private institutions.
8. Challenges before the RTI Scheme in India.

Above themes are only illustrative but not exhaustive. Researcher may select any topic related to the main theme.

NOTE: Co-authorship is not allowed!


  • Students Rs.100/-
  • Legal Professional: Rs. 500/-

DEADLINE: 24th March 2013


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