NATIONAL WORKSHOP on “Liberalization and Privatization of Space Activities in India”: Call for Papers

THEME: Liberalization and Privatization of Space Activities in India: Emerging Legal Issues

ORGANISER: Centre for Air and Space Law (CASL), NALSAR University of Law

WHEN: 12th and 13th of April, 2013

WHERE: R.N. Jhunjunwala Conference Hall, NALSAR, University of Law, Hyderabad (Justice City Campus, Shameerpet)


This workshop is a part of our efforts to facilitate the convergence of views on contemporary legal issues in relation to liberalization and privatization of space activities in India. The workshop aims to address some of the emerging issues as discussed above, and to provide a platform for researchers, industry leaders and professionals in this field to interact with students interested in further study, research, and career in Space Law.


You can send papers for consideration on the following themes-

  1. Commercialization of India’s Space Activities: the Need for Legal Framework
  2. Joint Ventures and FDIs in Indian Space Industry: Emerging Legal Issues
  3. Competition Law, Consumer Protection and Space Activities in India
  4. The Road/Option for India in IPRs in Space: Divergence or Convergence?
  5. Expanding the Indian Space Industry: Issues of Participation and Taxation
  6. Special Economic Zones and Space Industry
  7. Construction and Engineering Contract in Space Industry: Features and Pitfalls
  8. Due-Diligence Know-how in Space Investments: Issues and Concerns
  9. Space Law and Technology in India: Scope for a Career in Teaching and Research
  10. Legal Controls and Safeguards of Geostationary Orbit: The Indian Side of the Story
  11. The Issue of Space Debris and Re-useable Launching Vehicles: The Indian Approach
  12. Space Medical Jurisprudence: Issues & Concerns
  13. Status and Prospects for Space Finance and Insurance in India
  14. Securing the Space: Indian Policy, Issues and Challenges
  15. Aerospace Terrorism: Issues and Concerns
  16. Commercialization & Privatization of Remote Sensing Activities: Need for a Law
  17. Private International Space Station: Legal Issues & Concerns
  18. Traffic Rules for Astronauts and Satellites: A case for Extrapolating Air Traffic Rules
  19. Space Law and the Contribution of Astrophysicists and Astronomers.
  20. Indian Space Technology Exports—Legal Issues & Concerns
  21. Touring the Space: Future Policy and Legal Challenges for India
  22. Protecting Space Assets of India: A Legal Analysis of ―Keep-Out Zones
  23. Importance of Space Law in Development of Indian Society and Culture
  24. Business in Space: Operating Strategies of India for a Changing Market
  25. Space Activities, State Liability & State Responsibility: Indian Approach
  26. Legal Aspects of Lower Earth Orbit or Sub-orbit Activities: Issues and Challenges
  27. Legal Framework for Spaceports in India: Issues and Concerns
  28. Use of Remote Sensing Data in Educational Institutions: Emerging Legal Issues
  29. Space Law and Policy in SAARC Region: An Approach
  30. Space Policy of China and India: Cooperation or Confrontation?
  31. Space Elevator: Emerging Legal Issues
  32. Disputes in Space: Does India Need an ADR Mechanism?
  33. The Enlargement of ISRO/ANTRIX: Legal Issues
  34. Interplanetary Contamination: India’s Legal Policy and Views
  35. The India’s Ballistic Missile Defense System and IPR Protection
  36. Manning the Moon: Legal Regime of India’ Mission in Outer Space
  37. Institutional Framework of India for Space Activities: Present and Future
  38. Communication Revolution in India: the Role of Space Technology
  39. Legal Regime of India’s Interplanetary Mission in Outer Space
  40. Solar Power Transmission from Outer Space: Legal Aspects in India
  41. Human Safety in Outer Space: Legal Issues and Concerns
  42. International Space Politics and Diplomacy: The Role of India


  • Last date for receipt of Title and Abstract of Paper: 20th March
  • Intimation regarding the selection of the Abstract for the presentation: 23rd March :
  • Submission of Full paper: 10th April

See Submission Guidelines and other details here

Find Registration Form here


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