Internship at Dave & Girsih & CO.

About :  Dave & Girsih & Co., is a law firm practicing in the areas of International Finance and Corporate law with offices in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. Having celebrated our silver jubilee Dave & Girish & Co., is a relatively midsized law firm. The firm has historically pioneered many innovative transactions. The firm has to its credit, the structuring and documenting of

  1. The first securitization transaction in India.
  2. The first offshore fund utilizing a Mauritius vehicle.
  3. The first sale of a bank as a “going concern” in India.
  4. The first to create debenture trust deed, security document in Gujarat.
  5. The first law firm to become a member of International Swaps Derivatives Association.

Where: Mumbai

Internships: The Summer program lasts for a minimum of 8 weeks beginning in the month of May and ending in the month of July every year. As a summer associate, one is placed with a lawyer who acts as your mentor. These mentors bring \ in on every aspect of their practice, including client meetings, conference calls, business trips, court appearances and depositions.

Trainees are the law students who have completed atleast two years of the LL.B degree.


Website :

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