Call for Papers : National Conference on Women in Higher Education and Research: Challenges and Opportunities

Organized by : JRD Tata Auditorium NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES, Bangalore

Dates : 20th – 21st June 2013

About the Conference: Across the globe, attracting and retaining women in higher education and research, continues to be a challenge. Despite the many strides made in this field, debates on issues surrounding the participation of women in higher education are as relevant today as they were a hundred and fifty years ago. How do women operating in different work spaces negotiate their careers? Are certain knowledge domains or institutional spaces more favorable to women than others? Do we need to revisit our understanding of work practices and policies that are ostensibly intended to promote the participation of women in higher education? Through invited lectures and panel discussions, the conference will highlight the current status of research in this area, review our understanding of women-centric research policies, and discuss the challenges of working in different knowledge domains.

Poster Presentations: We are pleased to invite participants to submit proposals for poster presentations on the following themes of the conference:
 Research on Women and Higher Education
 Gender and Academic Orientation
 Best Practices for Women in Institutional Spaces

Abstracts will be selected on a “first come first serve” basis and the deadline for abstract submission is 5 June 2013.
Registration: The registration fee for participants is 500/-. The registration fee includes refreshments and two lunches at the venue and conference materials. The last date for registration is 10 June 2013.

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