National Convention on Ethics in Research on Human Subjects

THEME: National Convention on Ethics in Research on Human Subjects: Problems in implementing international norms and guidelines in Indian context

WHEN: 30-31 July 2013

WHERE: JNU Convention Centre, Delhi

ORGANISER: Ethics Review Board, JNU


The convention will focus on the guidelines such as those of Nuffield Council on Bioethics 1991, Helsinki Declaration of 2000 clarifications in 2002, 2004, CIOMS 2002, and UNESCO document 2005, and ICMR guidelines in case of India and the ground realities. This conference in JNU will take up these issues in paper presentations and panel discussions as well.


Papers/ presentations/ posters are invited in any of the following areas of concern:

  • Protecting the participants in Human Research
  • Respect for Individuality and Identity, Autonomy
  • Voluntariness and ICF- what is an ethical ideal?
  • Subjectivity in our perception of an ethical ideal
  • Assessment of Risk and Benefit
  • Policy Process and Policy framework,
  • Is there law for universal application?
  • Capacity to exercise voluntariness
  • Vulnerability issues in India studies
  • National and International norms and rules for working with
    • Children
    • Tribals and people from EWS/ backward areas
    • Illiterate/ semi educated people
    • Medically unfit population those with psychological / mental / cognitive disorders or those in a vegetative state
  • Confidentiality issues
  • Compensation / Incentives/ Reimbursement/ Insurance issues
  • Legal issues arising out of research
  • Institutional Responsibility
  • Awareness / education issues and preparing the future researcher for ethical research
  • India specific norms, and case studies
  • Students Research Norms/ SOP’s
  • Faculty Research Projects
  • Setting the standards, accreditation standards
  • Norms for multidisciplinary, multi institutional research


Kindly submit a brief abstract in about 250 words at the earliest with the title of your presentation. Your affiliation may be sent to <> or <>.


There is no registration fee. Participants coming from outside Delhi will be provided accommodation in the JNU guest house on the first come first served basis and they will have to pay for their boarding and lodging.


Conference Secretariat
Room no. 102,103, Old CRS Complex
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi- 110067
Tel. 011-2674664, 011-26704697, 09810608936

For further details, please visit the following link:

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