Nirma University, Annual Literary and Debate Festival-CONNAISSANCE

Institute of Law, Nirma University is organising the fourth edition of its annual literary and debate festival CONNAISSANCE. This year’s edition promises to be bigger, better than before. With a slew of exciting events and prize money of 2 Lacs, also this event promises to be a literary extravaganza, with a chance of witnessing A.R. Rahman live!

While events like creative writing and Jam have been retained from the previous editions new entrants like Turn Coats have beenintroduced to shake things up a bit, all in all the event will be amalgamation of oratory skills, creativity and quick thinking.

The National Parliamentary Debate, which is the crown event of this literary Soiree will include a large Adjudication Core, more prize money and engaging motions. As a part of the Debate Society’s initiative to promote debating at the novice levels, a separate category of prizes and monetary spoils have been earmarked for novice teams and adjudicators. To ensure a higher standard of debating Adjudicator subsidy has also been announced.


Event- 25th to 27th October 2013

Queries- For related information contact –

Tirth Nayak (09925955177)

Natasha (09824256392)

Face book Page Link –

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