Call for Research Associates by Preshti

Where : Online                    

Organizer :Preshti(NGO/Non-profit/Social enterprise)                

 Important Dates

Deadline:                      31 August 2014               

Eligibility                    Undergrad Level,Grad Level,Postgrad Level               

Preshti is an intitiative started by the Alexis Society, an international, not for profit NGO, that works for prison rights and prison reformation in India.We are looking for research associates who are willing to author well researched articles on human rights issues for the second issue of our annual newsletter, ‘Daksha -bhu.’


We are an Equal Opportunity Organization. We firmly believe in Diversity.Female Candidates are encouraged to apply. Shortlisting of candidates is done on basis of CV/Resume. Every selection is done purely on merit basis.

Terms and Conditions
All the positions are tenured, part-time, voluntary and unpaid. We are looking for atleast 12 months commitment from you. You will be required to devote atleast 5- 10 hours per week.

What We Look For in a research associate?
1. Creativity and Accountability. He/She must posses sound analytical skills
2. Critical and logical thinking on various issues concerning human rights.
3. Must have the ability to think ‘out of the box’ and address issues seldom addressed by researchers.
4. Punctuality (Someone who can meet deadlines)
5. Must have prior experience in research (Publications)
6. Original thinking. Plagiarism is unacceptable in any of the articles authored by the research associate.

Kindly note that each and every article authored by the associate is subjected to a plagiarism check. Articles exceeding 20% plagiarism shall be rejected.

Why You Should Join Us?

Networking Opportunities
Professional Growth
Social Impact
Work Experience


Exposure of working in a youth-led organization.
A platform to nurture your ideas and create positive impact.
Professional Growth through Networking and Skill Development.
Recommendation or Work Experience
Certificate is provided on successful completion of your tenure or on demand, when required.

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