Internship Opportunity in Election Studies

Are you interested to be a part of upcoming Elections? Do you want to feel the pulse of the people? Whom do you think will win the upcoming LokSabha Elections? Has the parties delivered on their manifesto promises?

If you feel you can relate to these issues and questions. Do join in our efforts to know more about our Electoral system. There are umpteen things to be done and Centre for Public Policy Research, a research based think tank is endeavouring to trace the footsteps of the electoral process and aiming to find the answers to the questions. We would like you to join in this endeavour either as an Intern or a volunteer. You can be a part of the team to undertake field studies touching on the theme of elections. We will be guiding you for the entire part of the study which will culminate with a research report. Following are the topics from which you can chose and work in your area or place.

1. Measuring Election expenses

2. Major campaign themes – UDF/LDF/NDA – discourse and comparison

3. Voter Choice – the factors influencing voting behaviour

4. Role of civil society in Indian electoral process.

5. De-Politicization trends among the youth – case study in IT Parks, Apartments; indifference to voting

6. Social networking of campaign themes/electoral processes

7. AAP – influence among youth in your State

Venue: Kochi, Kerala (You can choose an area if you want to undertake study )

Time Period- 2-3 months

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