Internship cum Patent Training

Intellectual Property Research Institute (IPRI), New Delhi,is inviting  to participate in a three-week ‘Internship cum Patent Training Program’ starting from July 7, 2014 to July 25, 2014; designed for individuals from diverse academic backgrounds including students who are opting for an internship as a part of their curricular requirement.

IPRI is a non-profit institute for education, research, and analysis of Intellectual Property (IP); destined to promote understanding, training, and awareness of several domains of IP including Patents, Trademarks, Geographical Indications (GI), Designs, and Copyright to the students with suitable backgrounds. The students would be entitled to a nominal charge subjected to conditions as mentioned in the internship scheme attached.

The program offered, would comprise rigorous practical exposure especially on the efficient drafting and filing of patent application, prosecution, and hands on experience of attending the hearing before the controller of patents. At the end of the program, the candidate will be getting a complete package of theoretical knowledge properly orchestrated with practical exposure, and would be able to attend prosecution and ready to even handle ongoing cases given there is required qualification.

For more details see the brochure

Application form


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