Law Mantra : Invitation for The Post Of Campus Ambassador 2014-2015

Law Mantra is an Online Journal and Web Portal, under the chief patron of Dr. Hon. Justice Malimath, former Chief Justice Karnataka and Kerala High Court, Dr. Prof. Gurjeet Singh, Vice-Chancellor N.L.U.J.A Assam , Prof.(Dr.) FaizanMustaffa, V.C NALSAR Hyderabad, and other luminaries from the legal fraternity.

Law Mantra is running for the purpose of enhancing legal academics and legal awareness in the society and in the practice of the same. Law mantra also has an ISSN (2321-6417) journal which tries to disseminate knowledge and research in various aspects of law. This website offers legal professional and legal aspirants to bring forward their views and ideas through high level of research and get acknowledged in front of masses. This also includes Blog writing, Articles, Essay, Case notes and others literary works.

We, at Law Mantra, believe that change cannot happen without active participation of youth. Hence, we create opportunity for young college-going students.

Campus Ambassador

We are pleased to announce the position of Campus Ambassadors for our web portal Law Mantra for the session 2014-15.


As a lead information provider, your responsibilities would mainly include informing us about any conference, seminar, workshop in your college or any other college. It would be appreciated if such information is provided to us at the earliest occasion and on priority basis. As Campus Ambassadors, you are expected to maintain a certain degree of confidentiality about the work delegated to you. Spread the word in their college about our programmes through the use of social media, publicity materials provided by us and physical interactions with their respective peers.


  • Collect feedback from their peers through the use of group interviews, questionnaires and individual interactions.
  • Engage in consultations, training and online conferences with our core committee.
  • Promoting Legal Desire in your Institution.
  • Conduct interviews of Dean, Director, Principal of your Law Faculty, eminent legal luminaries visiting your law faculty, the guests arriving at your campus etc. for the purpose of publication on interview section of Law Mantra.


Work Description:

Online work (from home) around 10 hour a week.


Students Pursuing B.A LL.B or LL.B

Benefits and Remuneration:

It is important to note that the nature of your work will be ‘voluntary contribution’ and you will not be given remuneration for the same. We will provide you with an Experience certificate at the end of your term i.e. Minimum for 1 year.

We are sure working with us will be a worthwhile experience for you. Your contribution will help us achieve our common goal of making students and teachers community more informed and aware about upcoming opportunities and capitalize them for their fullest benefit.

How to Apply:

• Send your detailed CV at

• Position will be contractual basis and person appointed can be removed from the post without any notice if work found unsatisfactory.

• Last Date to Apply: 15th June, 2014

• For more details please contact Soni (Head of Campus Ambassador) at +919451910926 or Suresh Khadav (Director) at +918474818031 or visit



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