Free Online Course on Right to Information

RTI cover


Umeed Initiative is pleased to announce a Free online Course on Right to Information to be held from 15th June 2014, to commemorate nine years of passage of the Right to Information Law.
The course will be conducted over a one month period and will include exhaustive modules, interactive sessions with experts and practical information on the use of Right to Information for social issues advocacy. The course is open for students, Advocates, teachers, social activists and other professionals.
Methodology and Course Contents
1. Right to Information – Significance and its relationship with good governance
2. Right to Information under the Act- Meaning and Scope
3. Public Authorities under the Act
4. The Central and the State Information Commission- Powers and Functions
5. Practical tips on filing an RTI Application to elicit the maximum information
6. Appeal Mechanism under the Act
7. Procedural issues in information request
8. Key issues and constraints in proper implementation of the Act
These contents will be divided into 4 modules spread over 4 weeks. The students will be required to submit one assignment every week. Each assignment will be graded and the students who score above 60 % (cumulative score) shall be awarded certificates of completion of the course
The participation shall be restricted to the first 75 registrations.
Please find the registration form on the following link

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