International Conference on Community Empowerment, Coping, Resilience and Hope

14th to 16th December 2014
Hyderabad, India

Thematic areas of the conference include, but are not limited to: 
-Best practices in Community Organisation and Women Empowerment through Self Help; 
-Coping and Resilience perspectives in Public Health & Nutrition, Strength Based Practices in Health and Nutri- tion Promotion; 
-Strengths based Interventions in child protection and child safety, elementary education- from early schooling to tertiary initiatives;
-re-schooling, mainstreaming of child labour; 
-Conflict Resolution & Peace Building, empowering communities facing crisis and disasters, coping patterns in migration; 
-Resettlement & Rehabilitation- coping patterns and resilience factors in involuntary resettlement, resilience of refugees

Completed abstracts and papers should be sub- mitted in Word files attached to e-mails. Abstracts to reach by 15 August, 2014

Link :

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