Breaking the familiar stereotype that, these days people enter the field of law just to make money, students of Rajiv Gandhi National Law University are on a drive to teach the kids of the poor and needy. Every evening some dedicated students of the premier law institute, strive hard to brighten the dark world of the little kids who are deprived of even the basic necessities of life. Started by a RGNUL graduate, this idea gained foothold in 2011, when a fundraiser event, in which woolens were donated to the poor children, focused public attention towards this undertaking. And since then, there has been no looking back. Juniors as well as seniors, whoever feels connected to the mission is welcome to be a part of the group.


The college authorities have also been very supportive in this noble endeavor of the students and have donated books and stationery for that purpose. The parents of these little kids, who are mostly laborers by profession, are also quite enthusiastic about the whole exercise. They cannot afford to send their children to the school but they do want their children to get educated. And the students of RGNUL are no less than saviors for them who have dedicated themselves to teach their kids and that too free of cost. The volunteers are also aiming to get the children enrolled into a government school in Sidhuwal village where the college is located. And not just this, in October 2013, a cultural programme was also organized by the students to add color to the otherwise monotonous lives of the children who live in the confines of small huts, looking after their younger siblings. The students not only organized the event on the lines of a Halloween party but also helped the students prepare their music and dance acts. And at the end of it, a pizza feast for all was a wonderful surprise. This dedicated effort to bring smiles on the faces of those little neglected children, by the students of RGNUL is truly praiseworthy. And not risking complacence, the students are constantly striving to learn newer and better ways of imparting knowledge especially by making it more colorful and interesting, like letting the kids watch cartoons on the projector in between study sessions to break the classroom tedium.                 


This endeavor of RGNUL students is only a drop in the ocean, but the ripple effect of this drop is far reaching. And commendable is their spirit and devotion for the job that they manage to take out time from their busy schedules which is specifically tough in a law school. But what really keeps them going is the satisfaction and mental peace that they get when they color the imagination of some innocent minds who had only witnessed the gray shades of life until now. Not to forget the hope they instill in the hearts of their parents who are now much more optimistic about their child’s future. It is indeed an admirable effort by the group that includes- Ashwini Reddy, Kopal, Noby, Riya, Vipan, Anumeha, Vinita, Madhulika, Kiran, Neeraj, Arpna, Nikita, Chetali and many more.                                                                                     

Just as little drops of water make the mighty ocean, little acts of kindness make the world a better place to live. Cheers to the students of Rajiv Gandhi National Law University for their noble undertaking.






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