National Law School Student Who Got More Than 100 Articles Published

Student Who Got More Than 100 Articles Published in Law School furthermore he also presented papers in approx 150 national and international conferences and seminars. 

RGNUL Graduate KUSH KALRA’s exclusive interview to team of Knowledge Steez on publication and more…

1. What is the area of work you are presently working in sir ?

I am presently practicing in High Court, Delhi and also rendering my services as a legal consultant to a commission.

2.How do you assess your college days as a help to your career?

I miss every single second spend in the college. I was lucky enough that I learnt a lot during my college life by participating in various competitions. Of course all the exposure I had during college helped me a lot to improve my speaking and writing skills.

3.Any memorable moment you would share with us, which is related to your academic success? Any prize which you remember winning had a great importance to you?

All the days spent in RGNUL are really memorable to me because I learnt a lot during my college life. When I entered law school,I was the one who had nothing to write in CV except 10th and 12th marks. From that day I started working and today I feel happy that I have lot of good memories of RGNUL in my CV which will remain with me forever.
One Prize I would like to mention here is Manupatra best researcher award which I won during my 1st year of law school which made me realize that I can do something on my own and then I never looked back.

4.Can you please share with us a few awards and prizes which you have won on your journey to success?

For many, negative thinking is a habit, which over time, becomes an addiction. A lot of people suffer from this disease because negative thinking is addictive to each of the BIG Three–The Mind, The Body, and the Emotions. If one doesn’t get you, the others are waiting in the wings.


•Regional Finalist (Punjab) of International Climate Champions, 2009 Organised by British Council & Teri.
•Finalist Social Work (India), of Global Scholar-Education world 2009, Young Achievers Awards.
•Winner Green Apple Award for Environment, 2010
•Winner KarmaveerPuruskar for Human Rights Initiatives, 2010
•Recipient of KamlaChowdhry Fellowship from Centre for Science and Environment, June, 2011
•Regional Finalist, 2011 Youth Volunteer of the Year Awards, an Apeejay Surrendra Group Centenary Initiative
•Attained the Gold Standard of the International Award for Young People, The Duke of Edinburgh , Dated 1-11-2011
•Awarded Gandhi Fellowship, 2012
•Member Indian Youth Delegation to China, 2012
•Membership Officer International Bar Association, Student Committee.
•Attended 3rd UNAOC Summer School organized by University of Aveiro and the Euro-Mediterranean University, which was held in Coimbra, Portugal from 5 to 12 August, 2012.
•Record Holder for Most Human Rights Awareness Programs (India Book of Records) May, 10, 2012
•Record Holder for Most Books on Law Published in a Year (Single Author), 20 September, 2013 (India Book of Records)
•Recipient of National Youth Award, 2012-13
•Record Holder for Most Books on Law Published in a Year (Single Author),

•Book Published by Vij Publication House, Titled “Be Your Own Lawyer”, Foreword by Shri Adish Aggarwala (President International Council of Jurists), ISBN 978-93-82652-10-6
•Book Published by Shree Ram Law House, Titled “Landmark Judgments on Criminal Law”, Foreword by Shri Amarjit Singh Chandhiok (Senior Advocate), ISBN 978-93-811-0838-3
•Book Published by Shree Ram Law House, Titled “Prisoners’ Rights”, Foreword by Shri Shailesh Gandhi (Former Central Information Commissioner), ISBN 978-93-811-0841-3
•Book Published by Vij Publication House, Titled “Law Sex and Crime”, Foreword by Shri KK Venugopal (Senior Lawyer, Supreme Court ), ISBN 978-93-82652-22-9
•Book Published by Vij Publication House, Titled “Law 4 Layman”, Foreword by Dr. KiranBedi (Former IPS), ISBN 9789382652328
•Book Published by Central Law Publications, Titled “Landmark Judgments on Intellectual Property Rights”, Foreword by Ashok Desai (Former Attorney General For India), ISBN 978-93-82676-49-2
•Book Published by YS Books International, Titled “Contemporary Perspectives on Human Rights Law in India”, Foreword by Justice S.N. Jha (Former Chairperson, Bihar Human Rights Commission), ISBN 93-83793-09-0
•Book Published by Vij Publication House, Titled “Law for the Common Man”, Foreword by Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu (Central Information Commissioner), ISBN 9789382652748

5.What was your greatest inspiration which helped you achieve the platform you are in right now sir?
I always consider myself as a student of law who is always willing to learn…..because learning never stops in life. Also, if you stop learning you close the doors of success.

I do believe that “All you need in this life is IGNORANCE AND CONFIDENCE; then Success is sure”

6.What are you planning to do further and where do you want yourself to be seen in coming years?

I have developed a great interest in writing during college days. After I graduated from RGNUL I devoted most of my time to writing and the result is that I have to my credit the achievement of publishing the maximum no. of books on law in a year ( I am preparing myself for public prosecutor exam in future and preparing myself to fulfill my dream of writing a Commentary on Constitution Law.

Something was DEAD in all of us…what was dead was hope and positivity….

Kush Kalra

(Interviewed by Ankit Sarwa, Riya Prem Raj, Divyjyoti Paul and Srija Ray of 4th year Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala, Punjab.)

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