Journal on Contemporary Socio-Legal Issure (JCSL) is a student-edited peer reviewed interdisciplinary journal published half-yearly by the JCSL Team. The Journal is expected to be a platform for the academicians and other experts from the legal fraternity to present their ideas. The Journal aims at addressing the current issues at hand in the areas of corporate law, media law etc and promote awareness among all, starting from legal professionals to layman. It aims to become a forum of interaction of eminent scholars and students and to encourage law students to develop their interest in various fields of the law. We are hereby pleased to announce the vacancies for Research Associate available with us.

Research Associate Program

This program requires conducting research and writing articles (3000 words per article) on various topics on law, which shall be notified in advance.


Research Associates – Scope of Work


What are the themes?

  1. Intellectual Property Rights
  2. Criminal Law
  3. Corporate Law/ Securities Law
  4. Banking and Insolvency Law
  5. Constitutional Law and Administrative Law/ Media Law
  6.  Property Law
  7. Cyber Law
  8.  Mergers & Acquisition
  9. International Law
  10. Taxation Law
  11. Competition Law
  12. Environmental Law
  13. Law relating to Alternative Dispute Resolution
  14. Industrial Law/ Labor Law


What is the duration?

6 months, out of which the first month would be probationary period.


What would be the benefits?

  • Exposure
  • Recognition and knowledge of various subjects
  • Spotlight Publications in your name with comments from experts
  • CV Credentials since you would be somehow part of JCSL.
  • Experience Certificate will be issued on successful completion.


How can one apply?

  • Eligibility: Only law students (LL.B/LL.M/Ph.D (Law) or Legal Professionals) are eligible to apply.
  • Candidates willing to apply for the Research Associate position shall forward their Resume along with 1 sample write up on any of the above given areas of law. It is requested write your write up in your own words and don’t copy from other sources as it is.
  • Interested candidates shall apply online torap@jcsl.co.in and submissions.rap2014@gmail.com (Articles should be sent on both the email-id compulsory)
  • Last date for Application: 31/10/2014


What are the criteria for evaluation?

  •     Ability to research (Fast and Smart)
  • Critical analysis (Try to think out of box and analysis of a particular legal topic)
  •    Language skills (Good know-how of English language and ability to write in a legal way)


What are the criteria that should be fulfilled in the Sample?

  •        Upper word limit of 3000 words per post (Excluding footnotes)
  • Relevance of topic (Significance)
  •    Clarity of language (Do not use words which even a legal person would find difficult to understand)

For guidelines, visit : www.jcsl.co.in 

In case of queries, contact:

Pankaj Sevta, JCSL Head. : 09439907780

Nikhil Bansal, JCSL Coordinator: 09439469830

mail.jcsl.co.in or jcsllawteam@gmail.com

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