Draft a summary and get paid

Good in drafting summary and wants to get PAID.


Assignment Type & Structure – Drafting of original summary on latest events which as an impact on ‘Indian Corporate World’. The summary should have the following key heads (a) background and facts; (b) issue; (c) subject matter of dispute; (d) conclusion/ratio/decision; and (e) the possible outcomes or implication on the corporate world.

Word Limit – Approx 400 to 450 words. Depending upon the nature of topic you choose, the word limit can extend up to 600 words. However, our preference is to keep it short and to the point.

Topic Selection – Broad enough to cover – Companies Act, SEBI Regulations, FEMA Amendment, SEZ Policy, Tax Laws, Competition Act, Arbitration Act, etc. In a nutshell we are looking for all kinds of cases, amendments, policy decisions, ordinances, government actions or news items (Starting January 1, 2013) which have a direct bearing on the companies operating in India or would like to invest in India i.e. ‘Indian Corporate World’. Examples – Cancellation of Coal Block Allocation, Repealing of Redundant Laws, Arrest of Shara Chief. Mr. Subrat Roy, etc.

Submission Timeline – Within 48 to 72 hours after short listing of a topic.

Remuneration – Yes, we will pay you for drafting a short summary. The details will be provided over an email.


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