Internship at SocialCops

Internships are probably the best way for you to learn about what you love doing and explore your passion. And … The best way to learn.. is to do! Through your internship – you’re going to own your function and learn on the job. We like people who can set their own direction and hustle to make it happen. We want you to debate, critique and question. Most importantly, we want you to care about what you’re building and be passionate about it. We don’t treat our interns any different from our full time employees – who said that age and experience was ever a barrier to change the world? We have internship positions open in the fields of Data Science, Partnerships, Market Research, Android Development and Web Development all year long. If you’ve got a minimum of 6 weeks to devote to us full time, a curious mind and a burning passion to learn – we’d love to hear from you.

How To Apply?

When you apply, remember to check the boxes below:
– Tell us what attracts you to work at SocialCops as an Intern?
– A note on which portfolio you’d like to apply for along with a link/ description to your previous work relevant to your portfolio
– Links to your online profile: Github, Quora, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hacker News, Stack Overflow, Personal Website

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