*S*ambhaavnaa Institute of Public Policy and Politics is an alternative learning space located in a serene mountain village called Kandwari in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. The Sambhaavnaa Institute has a mandate to run programs for social and political change. For the last two and a half years Sambhaavnaa has organised a series of workshops, youth programs and meetings on a range of issues and in collaboration with many organisations. Read more about the programs organised here at *www.sambhaavnaa.org.* *For the smooth and co ordinated planning and execution of these programs Sambhaavnaa is looking for a Programs. Manager/Co-ordinator.* *PROFILE FOR PROGRAMS MANAGER/CO- ORDINATOR* The responsibility of the program manager is to co-ordinate and manage the work of the programs at Sambhaavnaa Institute as a part of the Programs team. The responsibility of the Program Manager involves planning, organizing and executing Sambhaavnaa programs successfully with a team of volunteers, associates and faculty. The Program Manager would be the key point of contact to the resource people and participants for all their needs, on- as well off-site. We are looking for an energetic person who is willing to live on campus, enjoys working in a team and believes – in the values of justice and change and also that alternative education is important in the larger change process. Sambhaavnaa is a fairly young organisation and we are hoping that whoever joins the team in this key role will contribute critically in evolving the work and culture of the organisation. *EXPERIENCE:* Preferably 3 to 5 years experience in the social sector (with an organisation/group/ involved in rights based work) A Master’s degree in the field of social science or education would be helpful but is not essential *SKILLS:* Proficiency in basic English and Hindi (Written, Spoken) Computer Usage – Online and Offline (Knowledge of use of WordPress, Facebook etc will be helpful) Networking and PR skills Documentation skills *HONORARIUM* *R*s 12,000/- plus accommodation on campus (would be adjusted as per experienc*e*) *SEND IN YOUR APPLICATIONS WITH A BRIEF RESUME (Please include one reference of an individual who you have associated with in this field/sector)* *to info@sambhaavnaa.org before 30th November 2014* *In case of queries contact*: 8988275737/9816225939

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