Jobs @ YP Foundation

The YP Foundation is Hiring!

10 things you should know about working with YP Foundation. 

1. Some places are not run-of-the-mill jobs. They are places to learn, challenge yourself, be blown away by people’s abilities to innovate and grow. TYPF is a way of life, in a happy, intense, meet-people-who-will-change-your-life kind of way. Ask anyone who has been here. Here’s what defines us:

2. One Team: We always think ‘we’ instead of ‘me’. Where else do you have colleagues that’ll drop everything in a second to help you with the thing you’re struggling with? We believe in collaborative growth where your own only competition is you and there are enough opportunities to travel, learn, grow and discover to go around for everyone. Where you inherit other people’s ideas and then get supported to enable your own.

3. Complete OwnershipTYPF, regardless of age gives young people the reigns to lead one’s own programme. This organization really does invest in its staff. Where else will you find non profit organizations where 19 year olds lead programmes and are trusted to do so?

4. Transparency: There’s nothing to hide at The YP. If you want to know something, just ask.

5. Radical Growth and Learning:  Such places are not always easy places to work in, in that they ask a lot of you. Your ideas, your knowledge, your willingness to un-learn, your time and your abilities to work with other people. Its a commitment that runs both ways, yours and ours.

6. The Journey, Not the Destination:  TYPF is not a place where you park your bags and camp, but a place you stretch yourself to try and crystalize the wildest of social change ideas into on-the-ground realities. At some point in your journey, we recognize that for some people it’s time to leave and hand over and we will encourage you to go on to the next fabulous part of your career. For others, TYPF takes care of the people it keeps on. Our staff have been with us from anywhere between the past 3-12 years.

7. A Place for Institutional Misfits: A place where people are fun to work with, feminist, passionate, where your voice has value and you are respected. Where you are judged on your hard work, sense of humour and commitment to get things done. We believe in thinking outside the box and are always willing to try out new ideas.

8. The Un-Patriarchal Family: TYPF is notoriously known for meeting amazing people who become like-family. We believe in plurality, diversity and respect diverse forms of identity and leadership. We don’t discriminate on the basis of your disability, HIV status, gender, caste, religion or sexual orientation. You are encouraged to challenge the status quo.

9. Being Resourceful: TYPF is a place where just when you think you’re getting complacent, something organic and unexpected is likely to take you down a whole new rabbit hole. Other then an unlimited supply of tea, coffee and internet, we believe in finding sustainable, cost effective ways of getting work done.

10. Self Care and the Individual: It isn’t just about the work, or being an expert at it. People at TYPF are the most precious resource we have and no one here goes ignored or unnoticed. TYPF provides 51 days of leave in a year and we encourage people to take time to take care of themselves.


We Are Growing!   

TYPF is currently looking at expanding its programmes and outreach and are specifically looking for experienced professionals and practitioners who can commit to lead, implement and build a long-term vision. We are currently a team of 14 staff members who work both part time and full time, with an active volunteer base of over 160 people each year. Read more about our Staff and Board Members here and here.

Not every kind of person fits into a place like this, but if you’re looking for a serious challenge to stretch your wings and roots, are passionate about working with and for young people or you know someone who is – apply!

Positions Available

Please click on the position to know more about the Job Description.

To Apply 

  • Send us a copy of your resume and a one-page Cover Letter (explaining your past experience and skills, why you are suitable for the position and what kind of work you’d really be interested and good at doing in that post) for the relevant position.
  • We encourage you to think through the cover letter and tell us something interesting about yourself that is relevant to the position.
  • In the title of the email you send us, write the title of the position you have applied for.
  • You must submit these two documents to to be considered for the post. Please note that incomplete applications are automatically rejected.
  • Applications are being processed on a rolling basis. The current last date to submit applications is December 15, 2014. The deadline will only be extended if positions have not been filled and we would request interested applicants to not wait until the deadline to submit the same.
  • The start date of positions are flexible.
  • For further queries, please contact us on Please note that individual comments posted on this page wont receive a response due to the large number of requests we receive, so if you have a query – email us at the id given above :)

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