Internship and Employment Opportunities at KK Sharma Law Offices

Wanted legal luminaries of tomorrow as interns at KK Sharma Law Offices (KK), founded by KK Sharma, Member RPP, UNCTAD, former Director General, CCI, member of global advisory board, antitrust, Bloomberg, ME (Mech. Engg.), MA (Competition Law Economics), PG Diploma (Competition Law Economics), PG Diploma (IPR Laws), NLSIU, MA( Economics), LL.B. and a Ph.D. Scholar in competition law, Bangor University, UK.


We require only bright, enthusiastic and dedicated interns, preferably from premier institutions in the country and abroad, who would be interested in enhancing their knowledge base in competition law and assisting its team in real-time cases.


Internship Modes, Eligibility & Incentives

K K Sharma Law Offices offers following two modes of internship:


  1. i) Short Term Internship: The duration of internship shall be 4- 8 weeks (Full time). Students in their fourth or higher year (5year course) and 2nd or higher year (3year course) are eligible for this internship.


  1. ii) Long Term Internship: The duration of internship shall be a minimum of 24 weeks (Full time- with a possibility of future employment). Students in their final year of their course or recent graduates of law/ economics are eligible for this internship. Candidates with potential and spark can expect a stipend after assessment of the initial month.


The following need not apply:


  1. Who have applied in past and have been requested in writing not to follow up.
  2. Who are not dreamers and out-of-the box thinkers.
  3. Who do not have a passion for the subject and can’t invest in the future.


A bright future in competition law and being a part of KK, an international network, awaits those who perform befitting future global stalwarts of antitrust.


For further details of the law firm and the internship opportunities please see link Internship in Team UP on  Applications may also be sent to


(Do not forget to mention whether application is for short term or long term internship programme)

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