Call for Papers in Urdu/Arabic/English : AMU Research Scholars’ Seminar

Date : 20th January, 2015

Venue : AMU, Seerat

Theme: Empowerment of Women under the Prophet of Islam

In order to create a sense of belonging and commitment to the noble causes of humanity, the AMU Seerat
Committee for the first time is organizing a seminar on the theme cited above. The students from all the
disciplines are requested to come ahead and write papers on any one of the topics given below. The Seerat
Committee welcomes all the participants to join this noble program. It will help to give a true direction to our
academic activities.
Suggested subtopics, but not limited to:
1. Status of Women in pre-Islamic Arabia
2. Status of Women in Christianity
3. Status of Women in Hinduism
4. Status of Women in Judaism
5. Political Rights of Women in Islam
6. Educational Rights of Women in Islam
7. Economic Rights of Women in Islam
8. Women in the Military Services
9. Women in Social Services
10. Women in Employment
11. Women in Trade and Commerce
12. Women in Judiciary
13. Ideal Mother in Islam
14. Ideal Wife in Islam
15. Ideal Daughter in Islam
16. Hijab and Progress in Islam
17. Western Feminism and Islam
18. Orientalist Approach to Women Empowerment in Islam
19. Non-Muslim Approach to Women Empowerment in Islam

Last date for submission of papers not exceeding 10 pages in Ms Word format: January 15, 2015
Proceedings with ISBN will be published. It will be released by the Vice chancellor during the Seerah Celebrations week.

Registration fee: Rs 500/-



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