Online Course on Interpretation of Contracts and Standard Clauses in an Agreement

In this course, you can learn important principles related to interpretation of contracts and various techniques for drafting standard clauses in an agreement. The Course aims to offer a unique blend of theoretical aspects of interpretation and practical aspects of drafting in one package. Here we introduce you with all the standard clauses in an agreement and their divergent forms, along with the legal implications and drafting techniques. The Course is based on practical learning experiences of our contributors working at some of the reputed law firms in India.    

The course is intended for law students, fresh law graduates, and legal professionals of less than 4 years PQE who are desirous of fine tuning their drafting skills and broadening their understanding of crucial terms in a contract.  

About the Course

The idea of drafting a contract with a given template based on a bare term sheet may sound very easy to any fresh law graduate or even a lay man. It actually is, as long as there is hardly any application of mind and it is done in a mechanical manner. There are several invisible ingredients which go into the raw term sheet or a basic template before the final recipe is ready to be served to the client. Some of the obvious ingredients are, your knowledge and understanding of the subject and business practices prevalent in a particular industry, hard earned experience, and foresight as to how the Court may interpret the same.

As a legal professional the first thing you are expected to do is apply your mind, and that is what makes you a true lawyer. A mechanical copy-paste job will always get you in trouble. Therefore, when you draft an agreement, it is very important to be aware of how a judge would interpret it, if ever, a dispute arises and the agreement hits the court of law. Furthermore, a standard clause couched under the protective cover of ‘Miscellaneous’ at the fag end of the contract, may not always be standard. There may be deceptive divergent of the standard clauses which can easily skip your attention. Therefore, to avoid any kind of dispute, a smart lawyer would always draft a contract without any loose ends, i.e. a contract which may be subject to several interpretations, in particular the one which may prejudice the interest of his/her client.

The present course aims to give you a very comprehensive understanding of standard clauses in a contract and their interpretation. In addition, it also offers you several drafting techniques for these terms which you can use to suit your need and tweak the interpretation. The course also has all the essential elements of our maiden course on interpretation of contracts which received more than 300 applications from several law students and legal professionals across India last year. Above all, the entire course is based on leading judgments of various courts in Indian and practical learning experiences of legal professionals currently working at some of the reputed law firms in India.


PART-A: Interpretation of Contracts

P1310979-001CChapter-1: Fundamental Rules for Interpretation of Contracts

Chapter-2: Interpretative Value of Pre-contractual Documents/Draft Agreements

Chapter-3: Importance of Deleted Words

Chapter-4: Implied Terms of Contract and Business Efficacy Test

Chapter-5: Specific Provision vis-a-vis General Provision

Chapter-6: Harmonious Construction of Contractual Terms

Chapter-7: Placement of Clauses in a Contract: Does it matter?

PART-B: Drafting of Standard Clauses

Chapter-8: Clauses related to Interpretation and Private Definitions;

Chapter-9: Standard Representation and Warranties in commercial contracts;

Chapter 10: Clauses related to Indemnities, Liabilities and Remedies;

Chapter-11: Drafting Non-disclosure Agreements and Confidentiality Clause;

Chapter 12: Clauses related to Intellectual Properties – Ownership, Indemnities and Liabilities;

Chapter-13: Dispute Resolution & Arbitration Clause;

Chapter-14: Miscellaneous Clauses viz. Assignment, Severability, Entire Agreement, Waiver, Survival, Amendment, Counterparts, Force Majeure, etc.;

PART-C: Drafting Contracts (Optional)

P1310982-001SChapter-15: Drafting Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Legal Disclaimer for a Website;

Chapter-16: Drafting Web-development and Hosting Agreement;

Chapter-17: Drafting software development, maintenance and services agreements;

Chapter-18: Drafting IP Assignment Agreement;

Chapter-19: Drafting Agreement of Sale and Sale Deed;

Chapter-20: Drafting Executive Employment Agreements;

Additional Chapters for legal professionals, fresh graduates and final year law students:

Chapter-21: Drafting Shareholders Agreement (SHA) and Share Subscription Agreement (SSA);

Chapter-22: Drafting Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) and Business Transfer Agreement (BTA), and

Chapter-23: Drafting commercial Lease Deeds.


  • Any law student who is in the 2nd-5th year of 5 years’ B.A./B.Sc/B.Com LL.B course from a recognized law school or university;
  • Any law student in the 2nd-3rd year of 3 years’ LL.B course from a recognized law college or university;
  • Fresh law graduates and legal professionals with less than 4 years’ PQE (Post Qualification Experience);


  • A total of 60 applicants will be confirmed on first come first serve basis upon successful payment of the applicable fee on or before the last date of enrollment, i.e. February 8th, 2015.
  • The interested candidates can send their application through an email to with the following details- (a) name; (b) name of the college/university; (c) year of passing; (d) contact address and, (e) mobile number.


  • Once the application is received by us, a confirmation email will be sent to the candidate, upon which the selected candidate can pay the application fee to the following bank account-
    • Bank: Punjab National Bank (IIT Roorkee Branch);
    • A/c Holder Name: Ashutosh Kumar;
    • A/c No. 4044 0015 0005 1965;
    • IFS Code: PUNB0404400.
  • After making the payment, kindly send a receipt/ challan/ screen-shot/ any documentary proof of the same so that we can confirm your application at the earliest. Please do not forget to mention your name or any unique remark as your transaction remark so that it is easier for us to confirm the payment.
  • A candidate discontinuing the course or failing to take the evaluation test will be automatically disqualified from the course upon which no fee shall be refundable to them.


  • Upon successful completion of the Course, the candidates will be issued a ‘Certificate of Completion’ within one week from the date of declaration of results.
  • Among the successful candidates of this course, top 10 candidates shall have access to the selected legal resources of Indian Case Laws for one year.
  • Among the successful candidates of this course, top 5 candidates can also avail the opportunity to do either (a) 2 months’ online internship with Indian Case Laws, or (b) work as research scholar at Indian Case Laws.
  • Candidate securing the highest marks in the evaluation test will have the opportunity to get his article published in International Journal of Legal and Social Sciences (ISSN 2394-1936).


The course will primarily consist of study material in the form of e-books and manuals. You may be required to devote 3-4 hours of study in a week. The Course is intended to be completed in a span of two weeks starting from March 15, 2015. At the end of the course there will be an evaluation test based on which the candidates will be issued a course completion certificates.


The evaluation test would include submission of research project for Part A of the course and drafting of an agreement for Part B of the course. The minimum qualifying percentage for clearing the test is 55%.


  • Law Students: INR 500/-
  • Fresh Graduates: INR 700/-
  • Legal Professionals: INR 900/-

CASH BACK: The first ten confirmed applications will be eligible for a cash back of 20% of the application fee upon successful completion of the course. Similarly, the next ten (i.e. 11-20) confirmed applications will be eligible for a cash back of 10% of the application fee upon successful completion of the course.


  • Last Date for Enrollment: February 28, 2015
  • Course Duration: March 15 – March 31 (2 weeks)
  • Evaluation Test: 1st week of April
  • Declaration of Results: 2nd week of April
  • Issue of Certificate: 3rd week of April

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