National Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights

Date : 12 February, 2015

Venue : Government Maharaja Higher Secondary School No.1, Chhatarpur (MP)


The general topics covered in the conference will be as under:
1. Definition of the problem in the context of its relevance and priority for the region.
2. Background information, Surveyor document data on the problem.
3. Pilot studies or efforts already initiated by the Institution on the problem.
4. Internal resources available at the organization and those expected from outside.
5. Significance of the proposed socio-economic activity as well as its application in socioeconomic
development of the State.
6. Intellectual property, science and technology : Global versus Indian scenario
7. IPR : Challenges issues and Emerging trends.
8. Scientific innovations, Patents and IPR : Legal Issues
9. IPR : Economic and social aspects with special reference to M.P.
10. Patents and IPR : Commercialization versus quest for knowledge.


Manuscript Submission up to 05, February 2015
Article (s): An article should provide the context or background for the study and state the purpose of the research/study, scope of the experiments, major findings, and principal conclusions. The article should be written in single paragraph not exceeding 1000 words.

Paper submission: Authors are kindly invited to submit full length paper along with the abstract. The paper should
contain Title, Name of authors, Institutional address, Email ID, Mobile Number, Abstract, Keywords, Abbreviations,
Introduction, Materials and Methods, Result and Discussion, Acknowledge, and References. Paper regular eight pages, including figures, tables, and references. in English or Hindi. The abstracts and papers will be reviewed and selected papers will be called for presentation in the respective session. Limitation for paper presentation will be 20 minutes for invited paper and 10 minutes for contributory papers including discussion. Poster should be made 80X60 cm for presentation. Only unpublished research work will be accepted. LCD Projector facility will be available for presentation. Participants are requested to send their abstract/research paper by email

Format: Paper/Abstract must be typed in double space on one side of paper A4 and have 1” margin in English (format MS Word, Times New Roman, Font Size 12) or in Hindi (MS Word, Kurti Dev 010, Font Size 14). For details click this link



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