Required Legal Research Assistant – Remuneration-Rs.5000/- (6) Positions

Short term Legal Researchers wanted for a study relating to child rights. The book project is

evaluating the present laws, case laws on different aspects of child rights in India along with

their implementation and lacunae’s. Project is entirely doctrinal. The research assistant will

compile central and state laws, categorize their features, and characterize their robustness

with respect to child rights coverage requirements. The research assistant must have some

legal training and be familiar with conducting searches using Lexis Nexis or similar


There is potential opportunity for additional work if the assistant is particularly motivated.

The work for this project is anticipated to take approximately 100-150 hours (work of one

month, 8 hours, five days a week). Hours are flexible and the work can be performed

remotely, but the research must be completed by April/May. The researcher will be given a

remuneration of five thousand rupees. Other opportunities for research work also present.

If interested, please send a resume and a short paragraph describing your background and

interest along with writing sample at

Contact Person- Ms. Aisha Ahmed Sharfi (08017206021)

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