Call for Papers : National Conference “Women and Media”

Date : 10 & 11 February, 2015



Selected papers will be presented on any of the subtheme or relevant topics:

1. Role of media in women’s empowerment in India. 2. Women’s Contribution to Print Media. 3. Portrayal of women in Print Media. 4. Women’s Images in Advertisements. 5. Women’s images in Electronic Media TV, Radio, Internet. 6. Women’s Empowerment and mainstream Indian Cinema. 7. Women and Production: Gender & Political Economy of Media Industries. 8. Women and the Public Sphere: Shifting the Agenda.

The registration fee is Rs. 1000/- for delegates and Rs. 300/- for students, Registration fees are to be submitted by D.D. (only)on the name of The Finance and Accounts Officer North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon by 30th January 2015.

Accommodation will be provided to those th participants who register by 30 January 2015. Papers strictly following the latest research methodology, are invited on any of the sub themes in about 2000 words by 30 January 2015, in either English / Marathi / Hindi in IME Unicode font- 14 / ISM, DVB TTShridhar EN Font 16/. For English – Times New Roman Font 12.

Abstract to be sent by e-mail at: or

Presentation can be on PPT but limited to 7 – 10 minutes only. Both soft copy and hard copy to be sent.



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