Agrasar Foundation: Online Internship, 2015

Agrasar Foundation is an autonomous organisation which promotes social travel and tourism in India. We aim to facilitate better understanding of Indian art, culture, cuisine, cinema, traditions and languages through crowd-sourced and collaborative learning mechanisms by creating a community of passionate travel enthusiasts, bloggers and photographers to showcase various aspects discussed above in a novel and innovative way. Our motto ‘यो वै भूमा तत्सुखम्।’means true happiness is synonymous with God and that is eternal, unlimited, infinite, permanent and immeasurable. Our tagline ‘Always Moving Forward!’ is fueled by our motto.

The organisation is headquartered in Lucknow and the pan-Indian team comprises of most promising college students and young professionals who bring their vibrant perspectives to the organisation and are unified by the common vision of promoting the ideas, programs and mechanisms pursued by the organisation.

We are hereby inviting applications for our Online Internship Programme from undergraduate and post-graduate students interested in writing about and discussing their passions.

Duration of Internship: Two months from the date of selection. Based on your performance and your wish to be associated with us, for a longer period, the tenure will be extended. All persons associated with us for a period of six months or more will be eligible to receive a recommendation letter from our side (need basis).

Eligibility: Open to all Indian Students pursuing Undergraduate/Postgraduate or Research courses in any UGC Recognized University or College.

Place: Online.

Stipend: This will be a voluntary position and no stipend will be offered for the internship.

Certificates: The candidates who will perform all the assigned tasks in the given time limit will be given duly recognized certificates.

Main tasks:

1. Writing articles for the blog.

2. Promoting the blog articles on social media.

Focus themes of the blog:

1. Indian art, culture, cuisine, cinema, traditions and languages.

2. Travel experiences of people to any place around the world.

3. Blog on any place of historic or heritage significance.

4. Anything related to travel and experiential learning.

Deadline for submission of application: 28th February, 2015.

Procedure for Application: The candidates are required to send in their CVs along with a Statement of Purpose for joining the organisation. Applications have to be mailed at:

Recruitment Policy:

 We are an Equal Opportunity Organization.

 We firmly believe in Diversity.

 Female Candidates are encouraged to apply.

 Shortlisting of candidates is done on basis of CV/Resume.

 Every selection is done purely on merit basis.

You can visit us at: Website | Facebook | Twitter

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