Adhrit Consociate – Online Internship Cum Recruitment Programme

Adhrit Consociate , the official blog of Adhrit Foundation ( ) is hereby inviting applications for its Online Internship cum Recruitment Programme from undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students interested in writing about various issues.

Focused Areas:
Youth Empowerment

Open to all students above 18 years.

Note: People who are currently
undertaking an internship at any of the group organizations (Alexis Foundation, Model Governance Foundation and Alexis Society) of Alexis Group are not eligible
for this internship.

Place: Online.

Stipend: This is a voluntary and unpaid opportunity.

Certificates: The candidates who will perform all the assigned tasks within the prescribed time limit will be given duly recognized certificates.

Progression System: We have a six-tier progression system:
Intern – 0-2 months
Editorial Intern – 2-4 months
Assistant Editor – 4-6 months
Associate Editor – 6-9 months
Editor – 9-12 months
Senior/Executive Editor – 12 months
& beyond

Your progression to the next level will depend on exceptional performance at the previous/initial level.

Reference/Recommendation Letter for Higher Studies/Job: All persons associated with us for a period of six months or more will be eligible to receive
a recommendation letter from our side (need basis).

About the Internship:
The selected intern(s) will work on
following during the internship:
Writing articles for the blog.
Content creation, engagement and promotion via social media channels.

Developing skills to write high-
quality research papers for academic journals.

The Deadline for submission of
application: 14 April, 2015.
Procedure for Application:
The prospective applicants are
required to send in their CVs along with a Statement of Purpose for joining the organisation.

Applications should be mailed to:
Recruitment Policy:
We are an Equal Opportunity

We firmly believe in Diversity.
Female Candidates are encouraged to apply.

Shortlisting of candidates is done on the basis of CV as well as SOP.

Every selection is done purely on merit basis.

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