LexQuest’s Online Course on Evidence Law

In today’s society, there is an ever increasing amount of cases piling up in various courts throughout the country and most of the people will have to, at some point in their lives, visit the courts to get their grievances redressed. Evidence becomes the most decisive factor in deciding a case and hence it becomes extremely important for people to be well aware of it.

The online course offered by LexQuest aims to make the Lawyer Community as well as the general public aware and well versed with the Law of Evidence in India,  in the most comprehensible manner. The Lawyer and the Student communities will be the most benefited out of this course, as they are the ones who need to know the subject thoroughly. Be it a civil or a criminal case, Evidence Law is required to substantiate the claims of the parties involved and evidence is necessary to obtain an effective remedy. Owing to this, Law of Evidence is one of the most important laws to be understood.

This course is designed to familiarize the aspirants with the concepts of Indian Evidence Act for a menial fee and hence it becomes all the more important to pursue this course. This course emphasizes on the following areas, An Introduction to The Indian Evidence Act, The General Relevancies of Evidence with respect to others, Admissions, Confessions and all other types of specific evidences, Burden of Proof and Examination of Witnesses etc.

LexQuest is proud to introduce the facility of Online Support with this course. The Online Support System is peculiar in the following ways:

  1. It shall be provided free of cost.
  2. It shall be provided throughout the duration of the course, i.e., 2 months.
  3. Power Point Presentations and Case Studies of the landmark judgements shall be provided regularly.
  4. Articles covering core and important doctrines, theories, concepts, etc. of the Law of Evidence shall also be provided.
  5. E-mail support: The Online Support System shall enable the Aspirant to ask any relevant question or doubt, pertaining to any area of the Law of Evidence, through E-mail.

Duration of the Course: 2 Months (1st June, 2015 to 31st July, 2015)

Exam dates: 1st August, 2015-3rd August 2015. (You can choose the date as per your convenience)

About the Exam: The exam will consist of 60 questions, 1 mark each. For passing, you need to secure a minimum of 40%. No negative marking.

Note: The course material (modules)  will be sent at regular intervals and can be downloaded at  and studied at your own pace over the period of 2 months.

Who can pursue?

This Course will be of immense value to the Students, Lawyers, Researchers, Executives working in legal departments and others.

Syllabus: The course is divided into 6 modules.

Module 1- Introduction

This is an introductory module and covers topics like the features and types of Evidences and their Appreciation, Judicial proceedings and Courts, Central Concepts in Law of Evidence, Rules of Presumption.

Module 2- General Relevancies

This module deals with General Relevancies and includes concepts like The  Doctrine of Res Gestae, Common Intention, Motive, Relevant and Irrelevant facts, etc.

Module 3- Specific Relevancies

This module covers Specific Relevancies and includes the concepts of Admissions and Confessions, Statements by persons other than Witnesses, Judgments, Opinions, Character, Facts of which Judicial Notice may be taken.

Module 4- Evidences

This module includes topics like General principles governing Oral and Documentary Evidences, Public and Private Documents, Rules of Presumption as to Documents, Rule of exclusion of oral evidence by documentary evidence.

Module 5- Burden of Proof

This module deals with and includes concepts of burden of proof, onus of proof, rebuttable and non-rebuttable presumptions, mandatory and discretionary presumptions, conclusive presumption, Estoppels.

Module 6- Witnesses and Examination of Witnesses

This module covers topics relating to various Witnesses like Accomplice Evidence, Hostile Witness, Dumb Witness, etc. It further includes rules as to examination, cross-examination and re-examination of a witness, production of documents, Power of Judges to ask questions, etc.

Fees for full course: Rs. 3000/-

Early Bird Registration: Rs. 2500/- (If you register on or before 29th April, 2015, you can avail an early bird discount! So, hurry up and register today!)

Click here for Registration

Click here for Online Payment

Additional Payment options may be available on request.

Note: Payment is non-refundable.

Special Discount Offer: Flat 10% discount to the people who have been associated with us, through various Competitions and Courses organised by us in the past. Send an e-mail to courses.lexquest@gmail.com for the discount coupon.

Deadline for registration: 25th May, 2015.

For any queries, feel free to mail us at courses.lexquest@gmail.com.

Website: http://lexquest.in/

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