Post Graduate Diploma in Nuclear Law

The Post Graduate Diploma in Nuclear Law (PGDNL) is one of the most innovative courses in law offered by the WBNUJS, Kolkata. The Course was initiated in collaboration with Department of Atomic Energy, Anushakti Bhavan, Mumbai. In the background of growing importance of the technology and energy related laws, a study of nuclear law has great use for operators of nuclear plants, vendors, legal practitioners, officers of AEC and BARC and the students having both legal and scientific background. This course is unique and highly useful in understanding the laws relating to liability for nuclear damage, nuclear safety and regulatory regime, nuclear non proliferation, nuclear safeguards and dispute settlement in addition to basic principles of nuclear law.

Specialists in Nuclear Law and Public International Law disciplines from DAE, NUJS and other institutions will be involved in delivering lectures during contact sessions of one week duration both in Monsoon and Winter Session.

Up-to-date course material prepared by the experts will be furnished for study. Thus the course
will greatly enhance the professional competence of candidates and enable them in effective
handling of wide-ranging issues relating to nuclear law. Though the course has a legal backdrop, it is planned to be delivered in simple legal terms in order to accommodate the interests of persons without formal legal education. Hence, the course is expected to be useful for the candidates having not only legal background but also scientific background. This course has the credit of being the first of its kind on the subject initiated in India with Government collaboration.

Course Coordinator: Dr.Saurabh Bhattacharjee .
Last date for receipt of applications extended upto: 30 June 2015.


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