RECRUITMENT @Knowledge Steez

We are pleased to announce the position of Lead Information Provider (LIP), Social Media Coordinators, Campaign Coordinators  for our web portal The Knowledge Steez for the session 2015-16 .

Responsibilities of LIP :

1. Informing us about any conference, seminar, workshop in your college or any other

college. It would be appreciated if such information is provided to us at the earliest

occasion and on priority basis.

2. Sharing the information posted on the website and Facebook page of The

Knowledge Steez.

3. Any other responsibility assigned.

As a LIP, you are expected to maintain a certain degree of confidentiality about the work

delegated to you. It is also important to note that the nature of your work will be ‘voluntary

contribution’ and you will not be given any remuneration for the same.

Responsibilities of Social Media Coordinators

Promoting Knowledge steez at all possible social media networks

Sharing all post of knowledge steez on facebook

 Responsibilities of Campaign Coordinators

Helping knowledge steez in promoting breaking stereotype campaign

for more visit link

Duration: 1 year (inclusive of 2 months probation period). Whoever fails to perform well during the 2 month probation period will not be allowed to continue.

A certificate will be awarded to the LIPs who successfully perform the tasks assigned to


Application Deadline: 10 August, 2015

Mail your upadted resume/cv  to

Website :

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