☆NT-SYMPOSIA☆ A symposium for ‘Social Change’

Nowadays Indian youth has been increasingly provoked to extreme violence. The productive energy embedded in them has lost its channel of flow and their destructive side is taking the lead. Stand up to take charge and initiate a change. Speak TODAY for a better TOMORROW….

NEI TAMANA presents NTSYMPOSIA , a bilingual symposium for social change on the topic – Increasing Violence in Indian Youth: Causes, Consequences & Solutions. Students (aged 15 – 25 yrs) from schools, college and NGOs are invited.
For online registrations, follow this link: – http://bit.ly/1K4Jfsq
To register offline, contact Pulin Goyal @ 9999271676
Want to witness young change makers fight to make their voices heard, attend NTSYMPOSIA as delegates.
To register as a delegate, follow this link: – http://bit.ly/1PP5lU3
For further details contact:
Aakash Pawar
Nei Tamana
PH – 8802342666, 9716152899.

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