3rd International Rit Vimarsh Conference 2016 on Violence and Humanity


Date :    14th -17th October,2016
Venue :
India International Center
Multipurpose Hall
(at Conference Hall 1& 2)
No. 40, Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi

Violence is one of the biggest dilemmas for humanity. It is perceived as a problem as well as the solution to the almost all the problems that have been faced in the history of humanity. This problem- solution dilemma makes it a tough task to define ‘violence’. Mostly it is defined and conceptualized as per convenience. It is hard to reach a consensus as to whether ‘use of force’ is something different from ‘violence’ or not. With the development of technology humankind has become increasingly capable of inflicting violence. This enhanced capacity has worked as a deterrent up to some extent in the use of violence at the collective level. But with deterrence always looms the possible danger of catastrophe. Apart from this, even the most developed and secure societies are facing an upsurge in individual violence. Traditional wars are curtailed but unconventional types of conflicts are increasing. Terrorism is becoming a standard procedure of resistance and offence. In the field of social sciences violence is probably the most discussed issue but mostly this discussion is done in a categorized form. Lot of research and discussions are taking place in the field of domestic violence, crime, violence against children, terrorism related violence etc. but a comprehensive approach still seems to be lacking. Rit Vimarsh is pleased to announce the Third International Rit Vimarsh Conference on Violence and Humanity.

1 – Violence- perception and conceptualization
2 – Psychology of violence
3 – Domestic and workplace violence
4 – School and teenage violence, dating violence
5 – Violence and the media
6 – War and terrorism
7 – Terrorism and economy
8 – The question of non-violence

Important Dates 

Registration dates
Early registration: till 30th May 2016
Regular registration: till 15th August 2016
Late registration: 16th August 2016 onwards

Abstract submission deadline: 31st March, 2016
Response to abstract: by 15th April, 2016
Full paper submission deadline: 31st July, 2016

Abstract Submission Guidelines

1. Please submit your abstract in the following format:
Last Name, First Name
Department, Organisation, Country
Email Id
(Follow the same format in case of multiple authors)
Abstract Title (in Bold)
Arial font, size 10, maximum 250 words. Please do not include references.
(Include a 50-word biography in the same file in the following format:
LAST NAME, First Name
Biography (maximum of 50 words))

Abstracts should be submitted via e-mail to ritconferences@gmail.com .

2. There is a limit of one contributed submission per registered author.
3. Please name your attachment as follows: Author1_Author2…_title
4. Also attach a copy of your CV.
5. All abstracts must be submitted in English
7. Abbreviations should be defined the first time they appear in your text. Ex; Food & Agricultural Organization(FAQ), before being used as an abbreviation only. Please do not define or use abbreviations in the title.
9. Tables, charts or other graphics may not be included in the abstract.
11. The conference committee reserves the right to decide on the final allocation and presentation method.
12. Notification of acceptance/rejection of the abstracts submitted will be sent to you via e-mail after the abstract deadline.
13. By submitting an abstract you grant the organizers permission to publish the abstract in hard copy and electronic formats.
14. The conference conveners reserve the right to accept and reject abstracts for inclusion in the program.
15. The invitation to submit an abstract or the acceptance of an abstract does not constitute an offer to pay travel, accommodation or registration fee costs.
16. Presenters must be registered conference participants before their papers can be scheduled into the program.

Paper Submission Guidelines

Submit your paper to ritconferences@gmail.com .
1. Word limit:
Articles submitted should be not less than 3,000 words.
2. Review Process
All manuscripts are subjected to peer review and are expected to meet standards of academic excellence. Submissions will be reviewed by peer-reviewers, whose identities will remain anonymous to the authors.
Based on the referees’ comments, the symposium organising committee will take one of the following decisions:
• Accept the paper
• Reconsider the paper after the recommended modifications have been taken into account.
• Reject the paper
3. Include your abstract.
Please use Arial, 12pt.
Referencing must be in accordance with the Chicago Manual.
Use automatic as opposed to manual endnotes (ie, embed them in the text using the Microsoft Word function). They should not appear as text,
Please include any figures within the text.
Ensure that the document is double-spaced.
The name of the file must be in the following format: Author1_Author2_…PAPER_title. Text should be left-aligned, except for the article title and block quotations.
The title should be centre-aligned and in bold.
Quotations longer than four lines should appear as blocked quotations, singled-spaced and indented eight spaces from the left hand margin.
Please use diacritical marks wherever required and italics all non-English terms.
Subheadings, if any, should be in bold and aligned to the left, one double space below the previous section.

Conference fee submission details
International Delegates (in USD)
Early     Regular     Late/On-the-spot
Delegate               360          410             460
Student                 310          360             410
Spouse/Co-author  160        210             260

International Delegates from South Asia or Africa (in USD)
Early     Regular     Late/On-the-spot
Delegate               160           210           260
Student                 110           160           210
Spouse/Co-author   85           110         160

Indian Delegates (in INR)
Early     Regular     Late/On-the-spot
Delegate               4,500     5000           5,500
Student                 2000     2100           2200
Spouse/Co-author  1,500     1,700       1,800

All delegates are invited for a day long historical tour of Delhi.

Food coupons will be available with registration desk and are chargeable .

Payment Details – 

Bank Transfer Details

Name Of Beneficiary – Rit Foundation
Bank Name : HDFC Bank LTD , G.K.1, New Delhi, India 110048
Account Number (ultimate beneficiary) : 00922000024821

Link: http://ritconferences.com/events.php?id=17&et=1

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