Call for Papers :National Seminar on “Indian Tribes in the Media: Story or a NonStory”

Dates to Remember:

(a)Submission of Abstract: 05 February, 2016

(b) Acceptance of Paper: 10 February, 2016

(c)Accommodation/ Reservation: 10 February, 2016



  •  Tribes: Story or a non-story
  • Mono-linguistic agenda of the media.
  • The tribal culture and endangered languages.
  • Bigger the media, smaller the coverage.
  • Corporatization, Big money and News.
  • Forests, minerals and the role of vested interests.
  • Tribes: The Natural Custodians branded as Ÿvillains.
  • No camera no News syndrome.
  • Power of Radio and spoken word about tribes.
  • Tribes and the Development story.
  • Vernacularmedia and coverage of tribal issues.
  • Comparing the tribal centric coverage pre and post independence.



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