Christ University Parliamentary Debate

We at the Christ University Debating Society are pleased to invite you to participate in our flagship event, the Christ University Parliamentary Debate being hosted on the 19th, 20th and 21st of February, 2016 at the Christ University campus, Bengaluru. CUPD is an open tournament and will follow the 3v3 Asian Parliamentary Debate format.


The 8th edition of CUPD, promises you a fantastic debate experience with a fantastic adjudication core, intriguing motions, quality adjudicators across rooms and a perfect tournament experience.


Our adjudication core comprises of-

  1. Aniruddha Basu
  2. Soutik Bannerjee
  3. Ambar Bhushan


The prize pool of CUPD 2016 boasts of 1,60,000 INR with cash prizes for all breaks. Additionally, a pool of 2,00,000 INR has been set aside for adjudicator subsidies to ensure that the very best adjudicators attend the tournament.


CUPD 2016 will follow a strict cap of 60 teams, with an institutional cap of 3 teams (subject to change). The tournament will follow a N=1 rule for adjudicators.


Registrations open on the 21st of December, 2015. Adjudicator Subsidy applications close by 8th of February, 2016. Registrations for speakers and adjudicators close by 8th of February, 2016. A registration fee of Rs. 1,500 will be charged per participant (exclusive of accommodation). Provisions for accommodation and travel will be made available to teams by early January, 2016.


To Register –


Institutions –


Independent/Cross Slot Teams –


Independent Adjudicators –


Adjudicator Subsidy –



Facebook –

Blog –


For any queries,

Rohan Roy – +91 90192 88110

Pushpak Kedia – +91 81235 29620


We urge you to register at the earliest to experience a top class tournament, at Christ University.

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