Online Certification Course on ‘CrPC’ by Legal Desire

Legal Desire is proud to announce its online Course on ‘CrPC’. A unique and must take online course for Law Students. The theme of this course differentiate from other Online Courses for various Law Students having keen interest in ‘Criminal Law’.

Course Highlights:
The Criminal Procedure Code is the bedrock of the administration of criminal justice. The present Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 is the main legislation on procedure for administration of substantive criminal law in India. For the purpose of understanding and choosing this course, the silent features of Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 includes the procedure for filing FIR; the powers of the police to interrogate a person; provisions relating to arrest, arrest with a warrant, arrest without a warrant; execution of arrest warrant; issuance of bailable and non-bailable warrants; appearance in court after receiving summons as an accused in a criminal case; appearance as a witness in the criminal court; issuance of summons and search warrant to compel the production of things, documents etc.; search without search warrant; seizure; limitation period for entertaining a case against a person; maintenance of wife, child and parents etc.

Course Duration: 30 Days (1st March, 2016 – 30th March, 2016 followed by an online exam to be conducted on 3rd April, 2016).

Course Schedule:
The Course is divided in 4 Modules.

1st Module:

  • Procedure for filling FIR
  • Investigation by the police
  • Bail or no Bail during investigation by the Police

2nd Module:

  • Hierarchy and Jurisdiction of the Criminal Courts in India
  • Limitation period for filing of a criminal case
  • Filing of Charge-sheet or Final Report (FR)

3rd Module:

  • 4 types of trial procedures
  • Appeal in High Court and Supreme Court
  • Powers of High Court and Supreme Court regarding hearing of criminal cases.

4th Module:

  • Bail by the High Court and Supreme Court.
  • Maintenance of Wife, Children and Parents.
  • Exhaustive study of Schedule I of CrPC

Salient Features:

  • Assignments
  • Online Notes/Study Material
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Audio/Visuals Content
  • Expert Advice
  • Q & A Support
  • Sample Legal Docs and Formats
  • Win Rewards for Good Performance in Assignments

Course Fees:
INR 2500/- only

Registration: Click Here to Register

Registration Deadline: 28th Feb , 2016



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