Call for Papers: DU Law –International Conference 2016

Faculty of Law: Global Legal Education, Best Practices in Law Research and Teaching

11 March 2016

 Development of Globally relevant Curriculum for Law Schools: studying national laws

 International cooperation in curriculum development to study national laws”

 Identifying new needs for Masters and Research students in Law

 Topics of Seminal Legal Importance: Traditional, Contemporary or Futuristic

 Comparative Constitutionalism: Public Law and Development

12 March 2016

MHRD Chair : International Intellectual Property Laws and Competition and Economic Laws

 New Silk Road Law School Alliance initiatives

 Mechanism for Exchange programmes (teachers & Students) : Finances & facilities

 Topics of Seminal Legal Importance

 Patent law & lawyers -Opportunities Intellectual Property Rights and Cyber Laws

 Global Contentious issues on IPRs and Competition Law: Cyber Laws;

 International vs national Play at Borders : Exhaustion : Parallel Goods

 Abuse of IP vs Enforcement : Spare parts

 Patents : Making Innovation and Technology useful to mankind

 Traditional Knowledge and Trade Secrets

 Geographic Indications: protection & extension of TRIPS to new items  13 March 2016

 Bulging Seams of Copyright: Surge of Public Interest

 Interface of Copyright, Designs, Trade Marks and Patents

 Development Finance: Poverty Alleviation LC I: International Conference on Law, Development and Social Change

 Law and Inequalities: Global and Local

 Law, Society and Women

 Access to Justice-the Challenges

 Law and Development – Social, Economic, Political  Globalization, Social Change and law Themes to be bunched in Parallel Sessions or on 14 March 2016, IF necessary

 Innovative Legal Policy & Development Scenarios

 Human Rights and Social Justice and new Challenges

 OBOR and Entrepreneurship in NSRLSA countries

 Law and Development – Women and Child

 Law and Environmental Protection Challenges

 Regional Blocks and Integration


Call for Papers:

Articles or Research Papers focusing on developments post 2013 are invited on any of the themes. Paper presentation is not necessary for participation.

 The deadline for abstract is 20th Feb 2016 (Saturday), for full paper 27TH Feb 2016 (Saturday)

 Acceptance of the abstract would be intimated in 3 clear days.

 The abstracts should not exceed 300 words (3 small paras).

 It should indicate: 1. Title of Paper 2. Presenter’s brief description name, current designation, educational qualification, professional status and experience in 100 words only. The accepted papers would be given in 10-15 minute time capsule may be less and no more. Fee is chargeable even for them. Whose papers are not accepted they may also attend.


Brochure: Final_BROCHURE 2016 MARCH CONFERENCE_5 Feb

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