Call for Papers: Columbia Undergraduate Law Review

he Columbia Undergraduate Law Review is constantly in search of writers, and so encourages undergraduate students to submit articles, research papers, and essays that embrace a wide range of topics and viewpoints related to the field of law. Most of the papers previously published by the journal have stemmed from the fields of political science, history, philosophy, international relations, and legal studies; however, students in any program of study should feel welcome to send us their work as long as it relates to legal issues.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be double-spaced in Microsoft Word .doc or .docx format, follow the Chicago style, and include endnotes as well as a Works Cited section. Although we will consider submissions of any length, the majority of published pieces range from 20 to 25 pages. It would be highly appreciated if longer papers could be shortened to fit this page length recommendation before submission. We will consider papers with footnotes or parenthetical citations, but the author must independently convert them to endnotes before beginning the editing process.

In the document, please also include the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Current email address and phone number
  3. College/university and year of graduation
  4. Title
  5. 250-word abstract
  6. Short explanation of when and why paper was initially written

If you have also submitted your piece to another publication, please inform us if you have been selected for publication by their team. We do not republish articles.

Papers submitted until  Deadline: February 17, 2016 will be considered for the spring issue.

OURNAL: The Columbia Undergraduate Law Review

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