Sucessufully Hacked JNU , Pakistan People’s Party website,Pakistan Railways website and many more @BlacK Drogan

“Black Dragon(Indian Hackers Online Squad)”a PRO-INDIA GROUP

Hackers on Tuesday defaced the website of Jawaharlal Nehru University’s library and left a message threatening “anti-nationals” as students and teachers boycotted classes on campus to protest against the arrest of a student leader accused of sedition.

“To All the Traitors Staying in JNU–So Anti-National Elements at JNU Should Also Accept that Pakistan will Never Get Kashmir (sic),” said the message minutes before the website became inaccessible.

JNU registrar Bupinder Zutshi confirmed the website had been hacked. “I don’t know details yet. I was just told by someone that the website has been hacked. I have asked the computer department to look into it,” said Zutshi.

source (

some other pro-India act of Black dragon

After Bilawal Bhutto’s Kashmir demand, Pakistan People’s Party website hacked by “Black Dragon”

Read more at:

Pakistan Railways website hacked by black DRAGON

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