Conference on the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea

The UNCLOS is often referred to as a ‘Constitution for the Sea’ and is the only comprehensive document that enshrines all the oceanic rights of States. 167 States have ratified this Convention since it came into force in 1982. However, recent events have shown that the convention has certain shortcomings that are open to interpretative misuse by States and these vital questions have only ambiguous answers.

Nearly 34 years after coming into force, the Convention has not evolved with changing circumstances. Climate change and the consequential rise in sea levels will bring about a fundamental shift in the way UNCLOS is interpreted. The current power vaccum in global politics has also lead to a scramble for access to oceanic resources. China is building artificial islands in the South China Sea and claiming territorial waters based on the concept of ‘historic rights,’ a term that has not been clearly defined by the Convention. Polar States are engaging in a battle for the resources of the Artic, more accessible now than ever before because of melting ice caps. The lack of a truly effective dispute settlement mechanism reemphasises the need for States to engage and redefine certain aspects of the convention to provide answers to these questions of immense strategic importance to them all.

Taking into consideration these developments, The Centre for International Law at ILS Law College has decided to organise a national conference on the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea from 5th- 6th March, 2016.

The theme of the Conference is ‘Contemporary International Issues on the Law of the Sea’ with the following sub-themes:

• Arctic Council Geopolitics
• The Enrica-Lexie Incident
• The Somali Pirate Issue
• The South China Sea Dispute
• The Impact of Climate Change on International Baselines

Registration Details:

Students within ILS:
Rs. 250
Students from outside ILS: Rs. 500

Demand Drafts may be issued to: “Principal,
ILS Law College”

Last date for Registration:
26th February, 2016

Participants will be awarded certificates.

For further information please contact:
Neelam Akiwate: +91 9403769005
Tulika Gupta: +91 7756035523
Devyani Nath: +91 9767910850
Tanushree Nigam: +91 8408020030

for more :

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