Journal of Corporate Real Estate

The Journal of Corporate Real Estate (JCRE) is pleased to announce a call for papers for a Special Issue devoted to papers focussed on the process of seeking an appropriate alignment of corporate resources, in particular Corporate Real Estate(CRE), with the changing needs of the business. Such an alignment would seek to optimise the use of corporate resources, or, conversely, minimise the waste of corporate resources. CRE provides the physical environment and that should directly support the business; hence the aim of the Special Issue is to explore the various processes and frameworks which seek to characterise the route to greater alignment of CRE with the business.

Papers should be clear about the specific corporate resource and the business need seeking to be brought into a closer alignment, as well as how such an alignment might be improved. The emphasis is to be on the process of seeking the alignment and how that process can reveal different routes to achieving a more efficient use of resources.

The business benefits that could be realised through the constant search for an improved alignment of resources with business need include:

•Evidencing corporate social responsibilities in terms of resource utilisation and sustainability;
•Improving business performance through only using resources that are directly supporting the achievement of the prime business objectives;
•Enabling the interpretation of the business in terms of the support environment it requires;
•Developing a facilities management strategy that informs the CRE strategy;
•Developing a CRE strategy that aligns with corporate strategy;
•Enhancing CRE strategy and Business strategy;
•Establishing financial methods for assessing the costs and benefits of alignment processes.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive. Interested authors are encouraged to contact the Guest Editor with alternative proposals.

Deadline for submission is 31 May 2016.

Submissions can me made at:
Please follow the Author Guidelines and select the special issue title ‘Alignment of Corporate Real Estate with business needs’.

Guest Editor:
Dr Andrew N Green,
University College of Estate Management, Reading, UK

See more at:

Author Guide lines:

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