Scholarship for Female Indian Entrepreneurs

To Apply


Scholarship Requirements

  • Relevant for the 2016-17 academic year
  • Applicants must meet the admission guidelines for both the Sofaer International MBA and the Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship
  • GMAT, GRE, CAT or JMET required unless waiver granted by admissions committee.  Official exam score can be submitted after application deadline. Exam waiver dependent on academic and professional background of applicant.
  • Application deadline: rolling applications until May 1, 2016

Scholarship applicants must apply to both the Sofaer International MBA and the Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship.


Sofaer International MBA

Whether you want to found your own venture, dive into Tel Aviv’s startup culture, or lead innovative processes in a Multinational Corporation, the Sofaer International MBA provides you the tools, practical experience, network, and multifaceted career support to achieve your goals to drive the venture called “you.”



The Israel Asia Center

The Israel-Asia Center is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to building a shared future between Israel and Asia.
The Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship develops and invests in the future leaders of Israel-Asia relations by providing Asian students studying in Israel with the high-level access, contacts, skills-set and support network necessary to build long-term, strategic partnerships with Israel through their professional careers on return to their home countries. The program is part-time and is designed to supplement students’ existing university study programs while in Israel.  Through the Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship, the Parasol Foundation Trust Israel-India Leaders Scholar will:

  • Develop and receive support for an Israel-India venture in the ‘Start-Up Nation’
  • Meet business and government leaders
  • Acquire valuable leadership and business skills
  • Receive mentorship from industry leaders
  • Develop extensive high-level contacts network
  • Tap into and build partnerships with one of the world’s leading and most exciting hubs of innovation and technology




The Parasol Foundation Trust 

The Parasol Foundation Trust, formerly known as The Bonita Trust, is a philanthropic trust established under Gibraltar law in 2004, with its vision to help communities address some of the important health and education challenges facing them, leveraging cutting edge technologies and Internet-based solutions. Since its inception The Trust has committed over £20 million pounds to both communal based and cross-border projects in the areas of health, medical research, human community services, education, culture and heritage, female entrepreneurship and disaster relief.


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