1st National Corporate Conference on Consumer Issues in India: Problems & Perspectives

As the title itself suggests, 1st National Corporate Conference is not just a conference with traditional approach of presentation of research papers which renders the entire proceedings monotonous. The team of organizers has comprehensively worked on the limitations, challenges and hindrances generally faced by the debaters and policy analysts. This flagship event is therefore based on the strengths of knowledge, ability to communicate and skills to analyze the issues in an inclusive way.

Procedures: The research and analysis team at Corporate Law Alliance will demonstrate the critical issues in consumer protection which are by and large related to the theme : Consumer Issues in India: Problems & Perspectives with the help of pamphlets/ documentaries/ presentations/ case studies and will highlight the corporate policies & strategies that correspond to the problems thus highlighted.

Opportunity: The participants will be provided an opportunity, in pursuance thereof, to present their opinions/ ideas/ thoughts and observations on the issues highlighted according to the procedure followed by research and analysis team.. The participants making presentation of their ideas will be adjudged by a panel of moderators presiding over the event and the best of the opinions may be provided an opportunity to publish their understanding as a concept paper/ working paper/ research article with Corporate Law Alliance



  • Conference Kit
  • Certificate of Participation (To all registered participants)
  • Certificate of Presentation (To the extempore speakers)
  • Limited Copies of “Select Issues in Consumer Laws” at discount (A Publication of CLA)
  • Lunch & High Tea (Included in Registration Fees)


for more visit : nebula.wsimg.com/3ea8a24facdee044494ee7d3a06c85c6?AccessKeyId=01A7D0018E9FFC0CE5F9&disposition=0&alloworigin=1

visit website : http://www.corplawalliance.in/extension-activities.html





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